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Recently marimo-sanctuary has hit 100 followers, and to celebrate the mods and our followers have decided to have a giveaway! Please read everything below for more information!

Rules for the Giveaway-

  1. You must be following marimo-sanctuary! This giveaway is to celebrate our followers so you have to be a follower!
  2. You must be ok with giving us your address if you win. Your new marimo will never reach you if we don’t get your mailing address!
  3. You must reblog this post, likes count, too! 1 reblog= 1 entry, 1 likes= 1 entry, 1 reblog + 1 like = 2 entries. 

Pretty simple rules, nothing too complicated. Now to what you’re really here for- the prizes!

  1. A glass jar for your new marimo! It’s the perfect size for it (I’ve checked) and the lid closes tightly for minimum water leaking or spillage.
  2. Golden aquarium rocks fit for a king marimo! These are perfect to put in the bottom of your jar/aquarium.
  3. 1 medium sized marimo from PetSmart! It just wouldn’t be a marimo blog giveaway without a marimo now would it? This little guy is in need of a home and I’m sure one of you is in need of a marimo!

There will be one winner for the giveaway.

The ending date for the giveaway will be July 31, 2014. That gives one month for the giveaway to circulate. If there’s not enough entries to the giveaway we may extend the date.

Don’t worry if you don’t win this giveaway! There’s sure to be another one in the future with how fast the blog is growing! That’s all!

-Mod Jo

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Emergency Art Commissions!


I am the sole provider for my mother and grandmother, and we have run out of food.

I hate doing this, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I am pimping out my Evocality wolf lines for recolor commissions. Don’t know what Evocality is? Look here.

What You Get:

* Custom…

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When Your Dream is To Become an Autopsy Tech (MATURE)


Disclaimer: Gory and somewhat disturbing. Read at own risk.

Medical Examiners get all the glory: they get to solve mysteries, determine cause of death, examine the organs and tissues. They are paid handsomely. But what about the forensic autopsy technicians? Well, as one autopsy tech once told…

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Alastor’s First Valentine’s Day!

I thought I would share this picture, which I saw on facebook under ‘Tiny Hearts Betta Rescue”s page. If you don’t already follow them, I implore you to do so! So many fun facts and interesting and even comical information.

Anyway, I didn’t make my promised entry yesterday. This is why.

Valentine’s Day!!! (Yes, I did get kissed. And yes, I am completely, utterly, devastatingly twitterpated.)

If this does get reposted and someone is confused by my, shall we say, back-and-forthness, know that I am a betta fish blogger… with somewhat of a life, apparently. Who’da thunk! Anyway, I thought I would share Alastor’s progress from yesterday to today. He was still showing some signs of “PTSD” yesterday, pacing back and forth, and his color had not fully developed -quite- yet. Today though he is doing much better, resting along the leaves and the “ruins” in his tank. I think my boy is finally beginning to relax. He even flared at me today! I was so thrilled! I didn’t think at the time to whip out the camera, but next time! So, yay!

More pictures/videos soon!

Happy belated Valentine’s day to you and your beloved pets!



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somethingcleverandunique asked: Alastor is so beautiful! What a gorgeous fish!

Thank you so much! You’ve made my day! <3

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Alastor’s First Day

Sooo Alastor arrived at 10am this morning. I saw the tracking information turn to “arrived” while at the end of class and ended up booking it to the mail center. The people there were confused as to why I was so excited, and gave me strange looks when I explained what was in the package.

But yes, you saw the video of me opening the package, hopefully. I love that I have it to look back on, since I never videotaped my first reaction to Versace. (: Alastor’s color was poor and his fins were clamped when I opened the “present”. He’s still having a bit of a color issue and has been pacing the tank back and forth. I can’t tell if it’s because he’s suffering from PTSD from the long journey, he’s exploring the tank, or if he’s simply a neurotic character. I think maybe all of the above.

So color is not perfect yet, as he is still adjusting to the tank, but I got TWO pictures, count it: 2. He is not a very photogenic fish. But here’s what we’ve got:



Best I could get for today. We’ll see if his color improves by tomorrow. Crossing fingers my boy will adjust well. Until then, he is receiving a lot of love. (: From what I can tell, he’s a sweet-tempered man with a bit of a neurotic side, but we shall see! More developments tomorrow.

Good night!

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Little Rant of My Own

CAUTION: This first paragraph may be a bit graphic for some readers.

I am utterly disgusted… I read the blogger ‘betta-adventures’ own “rant” post and had to see for myself… yes, you’ve probably all heard of it before: the Tiger Oscar eating and CHEWING a live Betta. And yes, I actually watched it. I regret doing so. The poor little guy fought so hard, even poking his head out to try to escape the giant mouth, but you could tell when he passed. Type it into YouTube if you dare. I implore every person who -does- view the video (or just pause it at the beginning so you don’t have to actually view it) to give it a thumbs-down and comment. I realize that this is mother nature in action, but as betta-adventures said, a HUMAN instigated and VIDEOTAPED this for viewing pleasure. In my book, this is called animal abuse and is unacceptable. I am just… ugh. No sleep tonight.

Read more …

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